10am-12pm & 2pm-4pm

Bring your TARTS (Toddler Artist) in for a 5 week session of creative fun for 2 hours once a week. Children and their parent/caretaker will spend a morning or afternoon of creativity lead by an art teacher. TARTS may join at any point during the 5 week session.


Sensory Bins 

BIG art projects 

Play time in the studio

MOnday 16th

Giant Collages 

Creating cool giant colleges using colorful and fun objects in the studio.

Monday 23rd

Tape Painting

Spell your TARTS name onto a poster board and have them finger paint it.

Monday 30th

Squirt Gun Painting

TARTS will have a mini water gun with Tempera paint & water inside. They will have a poster board and will do an inspired Paul Jackson Pollock painting.

Monday Oct


Mini sculptures 

Create an awesome mini sculptures using a variety of items we have in the studio. 


Oct 14th

Witches Brew Fluffy Slime

Create some ooey gooey witches brew slime for spooky season. 

Monday Oct 21st

Egg Carton Monsters

Create 3 little cute egg carton monsters


Oct 28th

Pumpkin Painting

Create the cutest or scariest pumpkin ever for spooky season.

Monday Nov 4th

Popsicle Turkeys

Create an awesome turkey using popsicle sticks.

Monday Nov 11th

Clay Footprint bowl

Create an adorable bowl with your TARTS foot printed engraved 

Monday Nov 18th

Giant Thankful for turkeys

Create a giant turkey and write everyone who you are thankful for on each feather.


Nov 25th

Calming Jars

Create a cool jars filled with glitter for you to watch and make you smile.

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