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Splash Lab Arts

The SplashLab Team

Our team is composed of a dedicated and dynamic group of educators, artists, and people who believe in the power of creative teaching and self-expression.

Meishan Hutchison

Meishan Hutchison
Owner, Founder, President

Meishan has studied art education all over the world and decided to open the SplashLab Arts in late 2016. It is her vision that everyone should have access to the arts. This experience should also be of high quality and at an affordable cost. She settled here all the way from China to practice her art, start a family, and share her love of art education with the Philadelphia community!

James Pan

James Pan is Chairman and CEO of Beijing HaFo Cradle Education group, which was founded in 2002. The headquarters is currently located in Beijing, China. There are 30 high-quality, internationalized kindergartens and schools across mainland China, serving more than 6,000 children every year. The founder, Mr. Pan Yueyong, is a member of the Beijing Youth Federation, the Beijing Municipal Top Ten Young Entrepreneurs, Peking University EMBA, Peking University MBA Distinguished Instructor, and a part-time professor of Shandong University. Beijing Harvard Cradle Education Group's mission is: The world will change beautifully because of our children. Our vision is: To builworld-renowned, prestigious school with Chinese influence.

Kim Brickley

Kim Brickley
Business Manager

Kim has been studying, making, and advocating for art and art education in the Philadelphia area for over 15 years. She loves coming to work every day and the opportunity to contribute to a place which uses art as a catalyst to enrich people's lives! Kim also makes art with everything from plastic resin to laser cutters and is a science nerd in disguise.

Mikaela Friedman

Mikaela Friedman
Lead Art Educator

Mikaela designs and implements all of the lesson plans for the studio. She has a passion for teaching both children and adults. She helps them find their creative focus and stride. Mikaela believes art making can help build confidence, develop individual identity, and other important life skills. She also makes her own work outside of the studio as well. She loves nature and making the planet a more sustainable place.

Melonie Schmitt

Melonie Schmitt

Melonie is an experienced educator, administrator, and artist from Media, PA. She is our marketing guru! She always has amazing ideas for projects, as well as ways to promote them! Melonie loves dogs, crafting, and design.